Photo Créatrice

Celine Poudroux Creation is the story of an encounter, a discovery, a passion; that of creation.

Imagine, create miniature sculptures to wear, ornaments to show off; Having fun with details, playing with materials, textures and thus transforming them are the very essence of Celine Poudroux Creation jewelry.

Designer and architect by training, I revisit fields as varied as art, design, architecture and sculpture which are dear to me by bringing them to the world of luxury jewelry and fantasy.

Each one deserves a share of luxury.


Seeing someone wearing jewelry and having fun accessorizing their outfit, showing off their whimsy, inspiring me and pushing me to create more.

It is through limited editions that I combine traditional know-how and techniques to create contemporary luxury costume jewelry creations.

Each piece is handmade. Extreme care is taken at each stage of manufacture. In addition, I regularly work with houses of excellence, whose craftsmen have recognized know-how.


It all starts from an inspiration, a reflection, an observation of an element that surrounds us. This is the first phase, that of development. The idea germinates, thinks about and redefines itself. Once fixed, it turns into a drawing. It allows you to annotate the materials, textures, patinas and even the ornaments that will become the future jewel. This sketch is above all an opportunity to materialize the inspiration, by a precise outline, including dimensions and measurements.

The second phase is that of realization. We leave room for cutting, filing, texture, shaping, welding. Sometimes, we adorn the creation of carefully chosen stones. This is where the setting comes into play, an ingenious and delicate moment, showcasing the beauty of the stone.

Finally final stages of the jewel; the polishing which reveals its beauty., and the gilding which covers it with a seductive layer of gold. The jewel then becomes a real jewel which will find its place, with elegance, within its case.

« Each one deserves a share of luxury. »