Help (FAQ)

How are CelinePoudrouxCreation jewelry made?

The CelinePoudrouxCreation collections are made by hand in our workshop.

We also work with craftsmen with recognized know-how and renowned for excellence.

In all these workshops, the choice of high-quality materials from experienced craftsmen and the extreme care taken at each stage of the jewelry making allow us to preserve and renew our unique know-how in the field of high-end costume jewelry. .

What materials are used?

CelinePoudrouxCreation jewelry is created mainly from high quality brass for jewelry, free of heavy metals (such as nickel, lead and cadmium) (ISO14001 certified) corresponding to European standards.

They can sometimes be in 925 silver and / or gold plated.

My jewelry is darkening, what should I do?

Your jewelry will take on a beautiful patina over time, this is the normal process.

We recommend that you clean it regularly with a soft cloth.