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Know-how and Craftsmanship

Celine Poudroux Creation jewelry is handcrafted. Working with the material is fundamental and playing with it is a real pleasure. Each creation is thought out, drawn, cut, polished with know-how. The components can be engraved, hammered, hallmarked, brushed, gilded, crimped… according to the collections. The material is thus transformed into sculpture, harmonizing its shape, texture and patina. In this way the jewel is born. Celine Poudroux Creation gives it a soul, a story.

Research of new materials

Handmade jewelry is more than just an accessory. We never tire of looking at him, of touching him. He alone sublimates the material. Handcrafted jewelry can be subtly rebellious and impactful through an unexpected combination of materials and techniques. It can be designed outside the frame, bypassing the rules of so-called classic jewelry by adopting originality and a dose of avant-garde. It can also consolidate a unique know-how, rooted in a tradition of quality.


Collier Vénus, Plaqué or, bijou couture

Necklace Vénus


Bracelet Manchette Hirondelle

Bracelet-Cuff Hirondelle


L’univers de la marque.

The universe of Celine Poudroux Creation is a real fantasy, a luxury fantasy. Where the jewels, imagined as sculptures to be worn, have fun revisiting the great periods of art, architecture and design. This is the place where the flamboyant, the lush, the exuberant, the opulent, the seer adorns themselves with gold and silver.


Stroll through the heart of Celine Poudroux Creation, in the meanders of fine gold and silver plated jewelry. Where the play of textures and patinas meets the richness of fine stones and the softness of natural materials. Earrings, rings, bracelets, necklaces & pendants, ..

Celine Poudroux Creation is the story of an encounter, a discovery, a passion; that of creation.

Imagine, create miniature sculptures to wear, ornaments to show off; Having fun with details, playing with material, texture and thus transforming it are the very essence of Celine Poudroux Creation jewelry.

Designer and architect by training, I revisit fields as varied as art, design, architecture and sculpture which are dear to me by bringing them to the world of jewelry and luxury fantasy.

Photo Créatrice


Seeing a person wearing a piece of jewelry and having fun accessorizing their outfit, showing their originality, pushes me to create more.

It is through limited editions that my ambition is to combine know-how and handmade; traditional and contemporary jewelry techniques, as well as product quality.

Each piece is worked by hand. Extreme care is taken at each stage of manufacture. In addition, I regularly work with houses of excellence, whose craftsmen have recognized know-how.

Our jewelry is created with love and originality. Entirely handmade, they are the materialization of Céline Poudroux’s passion for creation. Choosing one of your jewelry is to offer yourself a realization forged in authenticity by the work of a craftsman.

Sent within 48 hours. Deliveries are made at low prices by the postal services or by bicycle and by hand in Brussels.

The greatest care is taken in the creation of the jewelry. The materials are of impeccable quality. All stages of production are carried out by exceptional craftsmen.

Online payments are secure. Rest assured and treat yourself to the luxury you deserve in complete safety.

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