Oh, you, reader, are you ready for an experience? Yes? Then welcome.

I am taking you under the sea, where a mysterious aurora illuminates a forest of abyssal corals. Just like a multicolored carpet, tree-like gorgonians, undulating in the heart of a flamboyant rainbow, enchantany diver who approaches them.

Mosses, seaweeds, anemones and sea urchins mingle to form a sumptuous lush garden.

Corail trompettes
Brooch Trumpets Coral.
Merinos wool, Brass, Aluminium. 2023


This beauty hides a large and rich biodiversity. That is why through my collection, I want to emphasize the importance of corals.


Broche corail cache cache.
Brooch Cache-Cache coral.
Merinos wool, Brass gold-plated, Rock crystal. 2023





“Oh, you, my beautiful sleeper, what do you hide beneath your lovely dress? I glimpse a magical world where crystalline pearls rub shoulders with majestic golden stems. When night descends, your scarlet robe ignites with a thousand colors, a fever of desire and a frenzy of tenderness.”







Corals are one of the most fascinating ecosystems in our biosphere. All at once animal, vegetable and mineral, corals play an important and essential role in marine biodiversity. They are at the origin of an exceptional abundance of life just like an oasis, growing for thousands of years.



But global warming, overfishing and pollution are threatening this fragile ecosystem.

In presenting my jewels, I want to pay tribute to all this beauty before it disappears. And to make people conscious that what is not in front of us is just as important to respect and to protect.

Now let’s dive under the seas to discover all this hidden beauty.

The black light here invites us to dive. The viewer becomes a diver

Broche corail glitters Nuit








Trumpets Coral


This brooch is an ode to underwater life.

With its proud trumpets, this coral plays its gentle melody, trumpeting its anthem of joy. The felted wool here symbolizes this lace of interwoven threads, forming a cornucopia: a refuge for an oasis of life


Broche Corail Trompettes. Effet nuit.Laine mérinos feutrée, laiton, aluminium. 2023
Brooch Trumpets Coral. Black light effect.
Merinos wool, Brass, Aluminium. 2023


Under the black light, the trumpets adorn themselves with their most beautiful halos, giving way to a spirited dance.

When the black lights go out, the diver returns to land, a witness to so much fragile beauty that begs to be protected.

The hammered metal, in turn, becomes an organic mirror. The wearer breathes life into the jewel and integrates it into their daily life, which is reflected in this brooch.

The wearer invites the new viewer to embark on their own dive under the seas. And like any guest, we must conduct ourselves humbly and preserve so much hidden beauty.






Broche Oursin. Collection sous les mers. Laine mérinos feutrée, laiton, aluminium. 2023
Shoulder brooch Sea Urchin. Collection: Under the Sea.
Merinos wool, Brass, Aluminium. 2023


The sea urchin brooch is the masterpiece of this collection. For the occasion, I wanted to include hidden elements.

This collection reveals itself both by day and by night, unveiling invisible elements. I wanted to play with the curiosity of the viewer, encouraging them to want to discover more.

Here, even under a single effect, elements are just waiting to be revealed.

Turn the shoulder brooch and discover this garden of sea gorgonians

Broche d'épaule Oursin. Détail caché de l'épaulette.
Shoulder brooch Sea Ursin . Hidden detail.
Merinos wool, Brass, Aluminium. 2023


Play with the chain to make this sweet melody of the abyss tinkle.

Lift the sea urchin and admire this multicolored carpet like a flamboyant rainbow.


Broche d'épaule Oursin.Détail caché de l'oursin
Shoulder brooch Sea Urchin. Hidden detail.
Merinos wool, Brass. 2023


Marvel at what surrounds you and be curious!



This brooch is worn on the shoulder and is a contemplative and artistic interpretation of the aquatic world. It represents the diadem sea urchin, a marine creature that actively contributes to the balance of the fragile marine ecosystem.

Its spines, like armor, serve both as a refuge and protection. This brooch is a symbol of strength and power, giving its wearer a sense of presence.

Under UV light, it reveals vibrant colors that highlight the beauty of the underwater world.

I created this brooch to encourage curiosity and inspire the protection of marine biodiversity. It reflects life on land during the day and the vibrant life under the sea under UV light.


Broche Oursin. Broche Oursin. Détail caché oursin.Broche Oursin. Détail caché épaulette.Broche Oursin. Close upBroche Oursin. Close Up

Broche Oursin. Collection sous les mers. Laine mérinos feutrée, laiton, aluminium. 2023






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Illustration, pictures and movies by Céline Poudroux.

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